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Botany Bay 18/11


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My first chance to get out for a while didnt start real well. Slept through the early alarm and then got up about ten to six. Ran down stairs and threw the garage door up only to be confronted by the local possum who came out at a hundred miles an hour.

Ran back upstairs and changed my undies.

Then I discovered the bloody possum had knocked my poddy bucket over at some time through the night. A dozen severely dead poddies lay on the concrete but miraculously two had fallen into an icecream container with some of the water. (it pays to never clean up)

Thoughts of drifting the Brighton flats and coming home with a swag of flatties dissapeared.

I then headed for the hole in the wall at Sylvania only to discover its closed for upgrade. A quick detour to the Holt road ramp and I was finally away (about an hour and a half late).

The last hour and a half of the run out saw one poddie given a quick nip by something, no hookup but live bait now dead. Two small flatties came in on sp's but that was all.

At the bottom of the tide I took my one surviving poddie and headed to the sticks at kurnell. I know it doesnt make sense to fish shallow water on a low tide but this time last year I cleaned up on the bream at this exact spot on low tides. Today not a bream in sight. Mind you I became an expert pike catcher. First three casts of a softy landed three pike. Then nothing for a while so I changed to a HB. This resulted in two more pike. Change to a popper and you guessed it - Pike.

I gave up and headed to the deep. Fishing the run in with pike strips saw more frustration - three little occys in a row. Moved back up the channel near Dolls pt where I got a nice sized flounder but then couldnt lose a bait. The whole time the pike is soaking I am also flicking a range of sp's around all to no avail.

I then moved once more to fish the rising water on the flats off Woolloware. To my despair both sp's and hb's dragged in more bloody pike. One last cast on a popper and landed a reasonable sized garfish of all things. I think it had poked its head up at the wrong time and got its beak snagged in a treble.

This was my first trip out into the bay for quite a while and was an absolute dissapointment. Although fresh flounder and garfish for lunch went down well.


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