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Land Based Spots


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Hey guys, im just wondering if anyone could pass on some good land based spots that i can access by car?

I would prefer them to be not to far away from sydney, and want to target palegics (kings salmon tailor)

Ive tried coalcliff, atford, stanwell ect for not alot of luck and would like somewhere else to fish

Is landbased fishing off la parous any good? can u land kings of the island?


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Hi Domza

At the moment, I don't see why a good rock hoppa like yourself wouldn't get hit by kingfish on squid up towards the top at sunset at Bear Island or by a jew from the top down. I've had good feedback from a friend called Harry Karmis who fishes Bear Island, and his brother who lives at Woy Woy, drives all the way to Brooklyn and fishes off the tiny beach near the railway houses and I should mention that spot as well. It works well during stillwater and during the run in and it's a place I rate among the good LB spots up there for jew along with Flatrock point which is at the entrance to Brooklyn boat ramp. It's no Pittwater or Middle Harbour up there but I've caught king and bonito and even hairtail in summer near wobby wreck.

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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