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Game Fishing As A Present


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Looking at buying myself and an employee a fishing chater for an Xmas gift.

There will only be the 2 of us and it looks as though most bookings are for an

entire boat, regardless of numbers.

We are mad keen fisherman but generally stay inside despite having a 6m boat


Just looking for some suggestions on a fun day where we could maybe meet up

with others to share a boat. Also open minded about what to chase in the big

blue, whether it be yellowfin, shark or marlin. Just want to get out there with the

professionals to hopefully learn a thing or 2 and hopefully land something good.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome


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If you are going to go on a charter then go with the best. :thumbup:

Ross Hunter is a site sponsor & runs one of the most respected charter operations around. Roscoe finds fish!

Click on his banner for his details & contact him. He sometimes has a spot for a couple of fishos on a charter.

You won't be dissapointed.



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