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Bass Fishing With The Lil Sis In Law


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hey all sorry for the late report but been busy with work and all you know the drill.

Well anyways i decided to go for a quick bass sesh down the river but had no one to come with me then bing an idea poped in my head ask the lil sis in law so i did and she agreed with no hesitation.

So i went and picked her up and on the way to the river we go. We arrived there about 8pm got the gear all rigged up ready to go about 10 min later my sis in law was on and she had to give the rod to me cause she could not bring it up at first i though it was just a snag but to my surprise there was a bass wrapped in weed i was very happy for her we tried there a bit more but nothing so i moved to the next open area first cast and first twich of the real and bang i was on i bring up a nice bass about 25cm and i was even happier. all in all it was great fun im goin again this friday :yahoo:


here is the sucka i caught

Cheers Joe :1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1:

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