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Any Good Freshwater Land Based Spots?


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Hola Guys...

Im new to sydney and a keen amateur angler! but dont have a boat (yet!) and would like to know any good land based spots around Nepean and Hawkesberry..'cos i like breams and flatties plus need to polish up my skills before trying out the saltwater! :)

I've heard "Wisemans ferry" and "Spencer" areas are good (managed to find out how to get there as well! YAY me!) but dont know what are the "good spots"...

Any help and tips are appriciated!!

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Hi Richie

You really need to do some searching and reading of old posts... also no-one is going to freely offer up their favorite spots!!! Fishing is all about learning as you go and learning from your mistakes!!!

:1welcomeani: Welcome to the forum but this post would be more suited to Fishing Chat than here in reports!!!! :thumbdown::thumbdown:

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