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Shimano Beastmaster 20/30


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Hi guys

I will be selling my shimano triton beastmaster 20/30 2 speed gamereel soonish.

Has approx 700 yards of 30lb mono

5 ball bearing

Has 2 small scratches on the side....reel has always been washed and regularly serviced

Reel has just undergone a major service about 5 months ago with the whole drag system being replaced....service cost $100 used once since service...runs really smooth.

Drag has always been backed off.

TOP reel in awsum condition.

Just wondering how much you would expect to pay for a reel like this??? or how much your willing to pay.

I will post picks up tomorrow night when i get home from work.

I just replaced her with a tyrnos 30.

Sorry mods if this isnt the correct forum for this topic...wasnt sure where to put it.

cheers james

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A fair price is around $150. Thats what i paid for mine and it was mint in the box.

Its a used item with old technology and unfortunately not appealing to collectors.

These days the new Shimanos are very well priced and people would prefer to buy new and get their 10yr warranty.



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