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Close Call: Girls Escape Shark


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Close call: girls escape shark

Two teenage girls were forced to climb onto a shipwreck and wait for half an hour to avoid a shark in Byron Bay, according to reports.

Jett Coates and Caitlin Robinson, both 14, told The Northern Star they had to hang onto a part of The Wreck, a shipwreck north of Byron Bay's Main Beach, for about half an hour.

They had just climbed up onto The Wreck and were about to jump off when Jett saw the shark.

"I was just about to jump off and Jett yelled 'Watch out! There's a shark!','' Caitlin told The Northern Star.

"We couldnt see it for a while then it came under us again.

"It was so hard to stand all that time. I was shaking so much," Caitlin told the paper.

There have now been more than 30 sightings of sharks at Byron Bay in the past month, The Northern Star reported.

Main Beach is not patrolled until mid-December.

Life Guards are alerted to sharks when a member of the public rings triple-0, said northern region lifeguard coordinator, Steven Leahy.

Mr Leahy said police then activate surf life saving emergency response team to attend.

"They [the girls] were able to climb up on top of The Wreck and scream for help," he told the ABC News website.

"A surfer approached them and he too was approached by the shark. He swam away and notified police and the lifesaving response team," he told the website.

"The response team attended and were able to pluck the girls from The Wreck and get them back to the beach.

"A number of people have given us similar descriptions. Nevertheless other people have stated that the sharks that they've seen have been great whites and white pointers, we've heard tiger sharks and bronze whalers and bull sharks from other people, but certainly the last couple of descriptions indicate a mako shark," he told the ABC.

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great post again pete!

To All.. we know there are noah's beloah's!...( below us! )

so don't venture too far off the sand ....WITHOUT A BOAT!...

cheers! stevo!..

I've always thought my old man had the best saying regarding sharks and beaches.

"sharks dont swim in Pubs so i dont swim in Beaches!"

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