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Sydney Harbour


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The weather was not real good good but had to get out.Launched from Rosebay. Tried fishing in all the most popular places but to no avail not even a nibble from 4 a.m. to 10.30a.m.I was almost ready to head back and call it quites but we saw some surface action between fort Denison,the zoo wharf and Bradley point. Change to a 3 kg outfit with a 2 inch metal slug. Hooking tailor on almost every cast for an hour and half.The tailor were even dancing like salmon do.

We saw a seperate flock of birds and headed for them, first cast by us and double hook up to salmon. Top fight with line peeling off.If it wasn't for this frenzy the day was awful. We had one last fish using bait and only managed small snapper,an eel a rock cod.

Better than nothing.


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Damn straight!!!! Better than what I was doing ....... working!!! :(

What sort of reel is that in the picture? ;)

Angler Stealth 2000. Nice looking reel.Broke it in on this day.3kg line. 8 ball bearing.

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Good going Suffo. It seems the conditions suited tailor and salmon and there wasn't much other action.

Can you tell me something about that Angler Stealth reel Ceph asked you about. I don't know that brand.

I need a good reel for 10 lb Ande braid for my grandson.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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