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Fishfinder Pro Series Casting Rod For Kings


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Hi Guys,

Havent been on for a while as I have been busy working.. and the fishing has been quiet

(even quiter now as I am currently boatless...aaarrrgghh! :1badmood: )

I bought a new custom Fishfinder pro series rod from Tony at Fishfinder Bait and Tackle early in the year and really havent had a chance to give it a good flogging ...until recently!

It is very similar to Sammy's rod in the attached link...

Sammys rod

but 7'6" long, still with the double handle, but double foot guides...lots of em actually...

Tis super light... and I am waiting till I have enough dosh to put a decent reel on it...

Currently I am running my old Penn Spinfisher 650 on it.. with 30lb Kakoda fused braid (heaps softer than fireline) and either 24lb or 40lb flourocarbon leader.

but the spinfisher is almost corroding away from 20yrs of use!...but is still able to turn Kingfish.. (I dont know that the china-built spinfishers are anywhere near as durable)

I gave it a good go on Kings in the harbour this week.... using 10cm poppers and sluggos.... it loads up superbly and cast beautifully... and much MUCH.. further than expected for distance...

it certainly has no trouble handling the kingfish (and the 30odd flamin big chopper tailor that kept grabbing it before a king could!)

I think I may get Tony to chop a couple of inches off the butt though... as I am just finding it could do without it.

If I can find the money some time I will be chasing Tony for a bream special and a jigging rod I can troll for kings with too... I would like to see what he can come up with similar to the Jigwrex rods.



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