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Day Trip Charters In Cairns


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Good day folks,

Me and the girlfirend is making a trip up to cairns for the Christmas break and being a fisho would love to do at least one fishing charter while up there. The only question is what kind of fishing would be the most productive then. Any advise this would be greatly appreciated. Do leave contacts on any good charters which you would reccommend too please. Thanks in advance



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Hi Mate

If your in Cairns just head for the local tourst office or the marina!!! There are heaps of charter guys up there and you'll have no probs getting on a boat!!! While you are up that way it's worthwhile trying to do a trip to Cape Trib... we did one and stayed on a fruit farm... the cost for two nights accommodation, transfers and a couple of side trips was about $200 each (Cheap!Cheap!Cheap!) Take a rod as Cape Trib beach is lovely at six in the morning!!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:


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Have a look at this site:


I used a similar one when I went to Port Douglas a few years ago. I went on a charter by Fish 1 #####ing (featured on Rex Hunt actually) and we had a blast in the estuary systems with trevally (not GTs), mangrove jacks, barra and pikey bream. The Operator Nick is really knowledgable and a good bloke too.

There is a closed season for Barra I believe, so you'd want to check that out in advance.

Have a great trip

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