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Can You Eat Long Tom

kiwi waynie

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Hi Guys,

I went for a fish at the Pittwater this morning, nothing great 1 squid, 3 small bream.

And this long Tom


I was wondering if they are edible, i didn't keep it, far to cool lookin like somthing from the dinosour time.

Just curious thats all.


Lata Raida's


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Thanks Heaps Guy's,

I think I'll keep lettin em go still, just that i was trying to catch a feed and didn't go that well.

It just got me curious, i thought they were no good.

And a big Fish Raiader :1welcomeani: to island fisher ( you look like Mark Berg in your avitar).

Lata Raida's.


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cut off his head, clean him up and stuff butter,garlic and onions in his guts...salt, cracked black pepper

wrap him in foil 40 mins on 220 and :yahoo:

heaps of meat on the skinny bugger and you have to pick it off them bones but they are great!


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