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Hello raiders,

Sorry for the late report ive been awaiting photos.

Last sunday we fished off jb with just about every other trailer boat on the south coast.....

We headed down sat night and stayed at the holiday pad, a real luxury considering we normally sleep in the car..

So after pizza and a couple of beers it was off to bed for the early get up....

We decided to put in at C.B ramp our biggest mistake to date. If we thought it was shallow when we put in it was nothing compared to the afternoon...

Ill get to that later......

Heading over to the bait grounds the feeling was good, untill we dropped the jig over and it never came back up...


Made do with what we had and gathered some bait and headed out.

Just over the shelf we set our spread of G.G lures and headed north away from all the kaos.

After a few hours we caught up with another mate who was working an area where he nearly ran over a blue but couldnt raise him again.. Further north we went all was quite untill bang the right rigger goes off and is peeling line. :1yikes:

After a decent fight we see colour only for it start peeling line again..

Back on the pump we finally have him boat side and realise we have a big dolly... :yahoo:

Not sure of the weight but it measured just a tickle over 1.3m..

All went quite for the rest of the day but we did pick up a couple of nice kingies from spot x on the way home..

AS for the boat ramp does and body know a good ramp close to callala bay????

The dolly.

The dolly.

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