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Rod And Reel For The Dollies?


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Hi All,

I want to hit the fads a fair bit this summer and have some fun with the Dollies.

Not being a tackle rat I have no idea which rod and reel I should get to cover this type of fishing. I think I might have been a little unfair to them last year with the Spheros and 30lb braid :1prop:

I would like to keep the budget to around $300 but can move on that.

Thanks in advance :thumbup:


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A 6lb braid outfit will do the job on most dollies at the fads. Shimano is having a big sale at the moment and are selling a cheap but respectable little outfit for $99

The rod is suprisingly good and the reel is a Sienna from memory. Its not the greatest reel in the world but it will do the job on the dollies you are likely to encounter.



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Using light gear on dollies 6-8lb can suck at times...from memory crazedfisherdude got smoked at the close botany fad last season on a 80-90cm dollie from memory??? correct me if im wrong.

I started out using 30lb gear now im using a penn captiva cv 4000 loaded with 8lb braid plenty of line capacity and a diawa apollo rod.

I know blokes that use 2500 sized reels and 4lb braid for this work and do fine.

cheers james

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