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Sad to say that our 5.25m is being put on the market as it overshoots our needs these days and we have just recently purchased a 2003 Sea-Al (Brooker) 4.3m hull and will be fitting it out pretty much from scratch.

It is in dire need of a floor and as such I need to find a company that can custom make and weld a frame to the to allow me to place a floor.

I also will need some framework in the stern which will create an area to hide the battery and petrol tank and some framework in the bow which will turn the space into storage and a casting platform.

Any suggestions of places in Sydney to check out prices?

We will be spraying the boat ourselves and would appreciate any advice on how to clean the alum. so it is ready for the undercoat.

It is very similar to this boat but seems a little more sturdier, higher sides, the bow has a larger platform to stand on and obviously does not have the platform between the front seat and anchor well.


Any help is appreciated.

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We're looking at the various ways to do it ourselves without paying someone to make and weld the frame, we just want to cover all possibilities.

I personally would rather have the frame welded together and welded into place but I'm not the one putting the money into this project, I'm the one designing the layout, doing the floors, wiring and such.

Thanks for the speedy reply, definitely taking what you said on board.

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