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Sat/sun Botany Bay And Outside


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Launched at Cooks River around 10pm and looked for some livies.

Caught a 32cm Trevally off Moll Pt.

Moved to the Oil Refinery wharf and small tailor were smashing up on the surface.

Threw some SP at them and caught around 10 and a stonker yellow tail.

Moved to Captain Cook bridge and anchored up overnight with the livies out hoping for something big, but no action.

Because the tide changed, the boat moved around and tangled all the lines - the livies didn't help matters.

Took an hour to untangle everything and decided to drift while sorting the mess out and re-rig for the Peak.

Off San Souci the 15kg outfit with the livie buckles. After a 10 minute fight I pulled a 1m shark up to the side of the boat (spewin - hoping it was a jewie, kingie or monsta flattie). I reached over the side of the boat to chop him off and he must not have liked the evil look in my eye, or the knife. He thrashed about and won his freedom.

Headed out to the Peak, but there was only pickers and leatheries biting our lines and jigs off, so we moved in closer. Moved around to a few different spots for zip.

The other 2 guys were not feeling well, so I dropped a couple of lures over the side and trolled the headland from Maroubra back to the Bay. Landed a 72cm salmon and dropped another one. Something smashed one lure and took the lot. 2 lures soon grew to 2 lures and 2 skirts. Caught the salmon on a skirt.

Trolled around the Kurnell headland and picked up a 66cm Kingie and a Sgt Baker (on the deeper diving lure). We must have dragged the stinky baker for a kilometer before we relised he was on, and by that stage he tangled the other lures.

Anchored off one of the drums and lured a couple of kings out, but they kept teasing us and wouldn't take our livey, stick baits, or real bait. They kept following them up but wouldn't bite.

The anchor was slipping and we got closer and closer to the drum, so we decided to leave. Do you think we could pull the anchor up !!! We couldn't even drive it off and ended up having to add some artificial reef.

We headed back to the ramp and we got to within 1km of the ramp (along the 3rd runway) and ran out of petrol. I can't believe we went through 110 litres of fuel in the trip. The 225hp outboard is real thirsty when pushing a 5.8m fibreglass boat. Luckily we got a tow from a passer by.

I was keeping an eye on the fuel and there was still an inch left in the bottom of the tank when we left the drum. The tank is about 4 ft long and with the angle of the boat there would have to have been around 15 litres in it. This thing guzzles the fuel. I'll have to find room to put another tank in or carry some jerry cans full.

Most times we only use half a tank, but we don't go as far and don't do as much trolling, but with the green gills on board, it was either that or come in early.

All in all, it was a great trip, and good to be on the water overnight.

Nice and peaceful without the :wife:

I might have to try Lake Illawarra (and outside) next time. Maybe I can catch a few prawns as well if they are running.

Sorry, no pics.



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