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What Is Down Rigging?


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Hi, may be a silly question to some, but what is a down rigger? how does it work? photo would be good. thanks,Mathew

a downrigger is a unit to get your bait of choice to the bottom, (like a big hand reel) where the fish are.

when you get a strike your bait releases from the outrigger, then you frantically bring up the down rigger and fight the fish on your rod & reel, thats a quick quote but there are some legends on here and they will

run you thru it properly!


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Just Google it .. you should get a few thousand hits!!

A downrigger is a device which lets you slow troll a bait or lure at any depth you choose (within reason).

Your line attaches to the "bomb' and you send the bomb (usually 7-15lb lead weight) down to the depth you want your bait to be. The line is clipped in, the rod is loaded, and once a fish strikes, the line releases and the rod sets the hook as it whips back and you are on!!!!! :thumbup:

They are very effective. A good way to find where fish are holding too. :biggrin2:

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