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Epirb's & Plb's


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G'day all,

Along with my interest in boating & fishing, I also do a bit of 4x4ing and quad riding out bush. Yesterday I purchased a new GME 406/GPS PLB to replace my old 121Mhz unit, which is soon to be phased out. It is my intention to use it primarily on the dirt, but also have it on the boat, just in case. As I very rarely go out more than 2NM, an approved model Epirb ( upright floater ) would not be required.

I understand all the lodgical reasons why an approved Epirb should be carried in certain situations, ie .. in excess os 2NM out, commercial boating, sail racing .. etc ... but I also believe that any type of locating device would be better than none. In speaking with a couple of Maritime persons recently on this subject, I could'nt believe how many different views there were on this requirement. Some believe that all devices, in all situation should automaticly "float and send", others believe that the automatic units have caused too many false alarms and that the manual units were better. Some believe that PLB's are suitable. I see valid points in both arguements.

I would be interested in reading your views.



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