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North Curl Curl


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[hi hooked up

used to fish there a lot years ago best and safest spot is when you see the stairs turn right towards sth curly

fish the back of the surf the rocks have rod holes in them [there use to be about 6or7]

throw out in line with sth curly surf club with squid or fresh mullet yakas slimies

have caught plenty of jew,snapper ,bream,tailor salmon

early morn or dusk into the night are the best times

also a low tide is good so you can get out on the edge to cast into the runout behind the waves

12ft rod alvey with 15to 25lb mono running sinker 3/0to7/0 hooks [bream to jew]

keep your casts more to the back of the surf rather than the left where you may get snagged and csst as far as you can

good luck and send in a report

peter :1fishing1:

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I use to fish north curl curl a fair bit ................its a great spot but gets a bit crowded around this time of year.

Here is a few options:

1)There is a low ledge to the east of the pool right on the corner of the point. If you throw out a garfish (facing SE) on ganged hooks you should be able to pick up a feed of tailor but becarful of the swell and make sure you have got the right footwear on. (cleats or rock boots) Low tide option only.

2)If you go around to the high platform to the north of the pool send out a live bait for a kingie.

3) There are some massive drummer in front of the same high platform that will come up to the surface and hit floating bread baits. Also groper to be caught if you can get some red crab from the rock pool behind the main platform.

4) The is usually a good wash right at the northern end of the high platform that fishes well for bream and drummer but you will need to burley pretty hard.

5) Always a chance of picking up tailor, bonito and the odd kingie spinning metal lures off any of the front ledges.

Hope this gets you started


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excellent sounds like a top spot, hopefully well escape the crowds monday, thanks heaps for the very informative replies fellas. livebait for kings on the top big butterflyed bait on the bottom for a jew whilst playn around with these pigs sounds like fun, il let youz know how we go, weathers not looking the best wel just have to wait n see thanks again :1fishing1:

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A cautionary note:it is a good spot but can be bloody dangerous-a number of anglers have been lost there over the years,and my brother and his mate have both had close calls there.The front can be a prime spinning spot for surface fish, but keep an eye on the swell here-if it's up it rolls back fast from the cliff behind you.



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cheers dave thanks for the advice, if its too rough i wont fish, i had a close encounter on the rocks at avoca once and soon realised why me and my mate were the only ones fishing, now im captain caution when rockfishing, it just aint worth it if the seas are too big well head to narrabeen with some plastic

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