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Windang Beach 8/12/07


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Hit Windang beach at about 6pm yesterday.

The conditions were great with light winds,overcast conditions,high tide at 8:30pm and the swell was about 1m-1.5m.

There was an offshore sand bar and a good gutter in close.

I had some nippers,some beach worms and pilchards.

One other person was fishing near me and as he was leaving he kindly left me a whiting he had caught as he didn't catch any other keeper fish to make up a feed.

From about 7:00pm to 9:30pm the fish were biting really well.Caught 4 whiting,6 bream and a blackfish on nippers and worms.There were alot of tailor and salmon too which were caught on the pilchards.Kept one salmon and two tailor for bait.Put a live tailor out but it didn't get a hit so I changed to a salmon fillet but it was taken by another salmon.Then put out half a tailor but it didn't get a touch.

Packed up at about 10:30pm as the tide was getting low which put the fish of the bite and the small rays moved in.

It was a top arvo/night beach session with a nice feed of fish to take home.

The catch


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