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Gidday Raiders,

I dontated an anchor to the Harbour on Sunday. :mad3:

I am going to get a new one as was wondering, which one is the best?

Boat is a 5 metre Quintrex and we anchor in kelp, sand, rocky reefy bottoms (general Harbour conditions).

Thanks in advance. :biggrin2:

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I too used to have a sand and reef pick until one of the large boulders out from Lion Is claimed the sand anchor as its own. I then started to use the reef pick for everything and have found that it will hold in sand, mud and everything hard and rocky. The only time it tends to pull out is in the estury on sand when I also put out a small stern sand anchor to hold against the wind. If the wind blows too strong on the side of the boat the front reef pick will slowly pull through the sand/mud bottom. As long as the boat can swing with the wind the forces aren't enough to pull the reef pick out. If using the reef pick over sand where there is also a swell (such as around the mouth of the Hawksburry) and you are near the shore it might be a bit risky.

I forgot to add that I have a 4.75m Quntrex cuddy with a 70hp Yamaha - so I dont have a lot of weight (and therefore inertia) to hold against. It would be different with a larger or heavier boat.

Also the pick would only be OK on sand/mud in relatively shallow water, say <15m where the main forces are horizontal rather than vertical.

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