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Flatties At Narrabeen


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Greetings one and all. Took my little bloke out to Narrabeen off the kyack last weekend. Fishing with plastics but didn't have too much luck. Was told by the local tackle shop to head to the flats away from the beach but after not really getting any major hits headed to the bridge and floated. Many more fisherman and it looked better water. I was using skin/brown colour plastics.

Anyone know where to hit reasonable flatties in Narrabeen lakes? What colour plastics are working.

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Gday mate,

U will pretty much catch flatty's all over the lake but some areas can be lifeless. Anywhere there is abit of weed and structure like the bridge or a sandbank or drop off are good. If u explore u will find heaps of these areas. There are some huge weedbeds that drop off into deep water just past that island as u get into the back of the lake.Shallow water is good too. I like green lures at around 100mm to find decent sized fish plus there are afew jewies in the lake u may find aswell.

We snorkeled from the mouth to past the boat ramp at the caravan park afew times and saw plenty of flattys buried in the sand. Last week we saw one near the mouth facing the curent half buried in full stealth mode next to where the rocks meet the sand. U could hardly see him. He was huge, prob 80-90 cm. We disturbed him and he snaked off. IT was pretty cool!. :biggrin2:

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Hi Wammo,

Just because there were lots of fishermen it doesn't mean fish were being caught. More likely, there's easy access and they don't know where else to go.

I used to fish Narrabeen many years ago.

Always had more success on flatties fishing up the back of the Lake, around the sandflats and weedbeds where the creeks run in, near the Fitness Camp.

It was best on an afternoon when a stiff North-Easter had stirred up the bottom a bit, so the water was a little coloured. It's still pleasant fishing, because you're fishing near the protected shore-line.

If you keep your lures small, you may even pick up a nice bream or whiting.

Should be easy to lanch the yak at either creek entrance and paddle out into the lake. If you can find some firm sand (be careful, some muddy areas can be "boggy"), might even be worth getting out and quietly wading around, casting towards the weedbeds.

Hope you and the young fellow catch a few.



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i find that the woolies bridge produces its fair share of flatties

I hit the lakes yesterday and picked up a couple of nice lizards. Both went 38 cm. They were both taken at the Woolies bridge.

Before this, I was trying my luck at the park at the end of Wimbledon Ave. First cast I managed to pull in a 32 cm Bream.

Needless to say, I had a nice feed of fresh fish for Christmas eve dinner.



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