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Prehistoric Fish Named After Fossil Hunters


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Prehistoric fish named after fossil hunters

Two amateur fossil hunters from the outback town of Andamooka in the far north of South Australia say they have been given the Christmas present "from hell".

A few years ago Tom and Sharon Hurley found the fossil remains of a prehistoric fish, resembling a swordfish with teeth, near Boulia in Queensland.

The fish is a previously unknown genus and species, and has now been officially named the Australo-Pachy Cormus Hurleyi.

Tom Hurley says it's both an honour and a curse to have the fish carry the name Hurley.

"Well basically I got the Christmas present from Hell. Immortality. The name will last forever," he said.

"How do you beat that? Every year I'll get Christmas presents that won't beat that. It's just ruined Christmas."

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