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Fishing The Flats Ph. Sp's


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Short and sweet tried a new spot today fishing the plasitcs on the fall and rise 1 hour of each, pretty quiet landed one flattie 44cm, another 55cm and a 34cm trevally, they go alright, all fish were taken on Pseed bassminnows 3' and most hits i found were on the run up which was a surprise for me, I nearly lost a flattie due to the hook twisting (TT Jigheads) not very happy has anyone else had these troubles?

Tried, Green, Pearl, Bloodworm and pink lemonade for zilch.

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Nice one on the flatties.. I don't use the TT jigheads, if I'm targetting flatties. I use the ecogear jigheads, as the hook is a lot longer, and sits further down the 'tail' of the SP. This gets me more hooks ups on flatties, as they tend to hit the back of the SP (from my experience). Normally rig up an atomic 3 inch prawn, or Squidgy gary glitter or a pink squidgy fish or ecogear 3 inch pumpkinseed curly tail. I use these on 1kg fireline and 15lb siglow leader. Interesting you picked em up on the run in tide, I normally fish for flatties on the runout.

Good Luck n have fun


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