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New Fishing Method


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I recently installed a new GME sound system in the boat for a bit of background music while fishing. I oridginaly only installed two speakers, but told my 14yo son that we/he could install the other two and a sub at a later date.

Well last Saturday was that date. When he first switched it on, we were down the river wakeboarding, it was at near full volume!! Nearly blew my eardrums out. I half expected dead fish to be floating around the boat from the thumping bass. New rules of use have been established.

Sonic fishing .... maybe I'm on to something!?



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:Funny-Post: Barry

How's it go " If it's too loud your too old"

Just check your birthday and feel that age isn't

an issue (I'm April '55) :biggrin2:

So it is obviously a question of timing with

the volume :1prop:

My playlist and volume level is appreciated by

my daughters boyfriends :074: just a big kid

I guess, the girls use to love being picked up on

the bike from school in their younger days or

better still when they went to parties :biggrin2:


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