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Hawkesbury 29/12/07


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G'day Raiders

Went out mid morning for a fish with a good mate.

The wind was blowing NE at 15 plus and made things uncomfortable. Plan was to track down some bait and have a go for a Jewie. Now my mate has been with me many times when I have caught Jewies and not bagged one himself. He is an expert fisho so getting a Hawkesbury Jew is high on his list.

Livies were hard to come by and we only managed a few. The run in spot proved to be no good for us so we moved to a run out spot.

Set the lines and within a 15 min one of the rod buckles and takes off. The fish went hard but no chance against the big fella.


Jewfish cutlets and veggies and cold cold beer for dinner!

Hope all the Raiders had a Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you happiness and good fish.



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Hi There,

Another excellent jewfish.

They are certainly around and biting ATM.

The one i caught the other day absolutely smashed my live yakka.

For a size of only 75cm he put up a good fight.

A 9kg model would have put in an account of itself.

Cheers and enjoy. At that size very yummy. :biggrin2:

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