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On The Hawkesbury Today


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G'Day all,

What a day! Started out with plans to get away early and fish the Bay. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Got up early alright, about 3.45am. Had the boat all hooked up and ready to go. Went to start the Prado ... click, click ... shi@%t! Dead battery. I think I could have easily gone back to bed, but with all the long faces from my son and his two mates, I just couldn't do it.

What to do? Checked the battery, 10.5 volts and a dead cell. Terminal! I thought of using one of the boat's batteries but their way to big, even for the Prado. One more option.. "Holla for a Marshal". Two hours later I've got a new heavy duty battery. The serviceman was amazing, he was literally a sleep on his feet. He'd been up since 1.00am and had already done three calls.

Anyway ... by this time it was very light and stating to warm up. The weatherman reported that it might hit 30+ today so we were planning to start & finish early to avoid the heat of the day. So, knowing that there's no shade on the Bay, we decided to fish the Hawkesbury instead. This turned out to be a good choice. As we came away with a couple a nice flathead, a big flounder, a kilo stud bream, and a couple of nice leatherjackets. We hooked into many more, but as we were only after a feed, the rest were released. One thing we noticed were the heaps of bait sized squid about. Unfortunately I recently lost my squid jig and hadn't replaced it yet. The boys were enticing them up with baits and caught about six of them. Could have caught a bucket load with a jig. If your heading to the Hawkesbury soon, try the first two bays on the left after leaving Appletree ramp, just off the sand flats.

Another great day on the water.



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Wow a nice bag of fish well done! it would have definitely been worth going through the trouble of getting there ay?

Ur talking about apple tree near bobbin head?

Is it just me or has the hawkesbury gone off this weekend? haha

Lets see how long it lasts!

Great fish though!


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