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Bait For Jewies


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Hey guys i am heading out tonight with some fresh dead slimmes that were caught this morning to try and catch a jewie off the beach. Whats the best method for riging them up. Butterfly them, big slabs or whole? They are about 30cm in size. what do you reckon?

thanks in advance....


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G'day Mushtaka,

Mate I'd love to get out there with you. I'd forget about whole. Most definetly butterfly them but also try a slab or two, depends on any pickers being about. With the slabs I put a half hitch at the top to keep it straight, so along as the leader is good enough.

Have fun and good luck.

Brian P.

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Agree with the others, you can also cut it from the bottom of the end of the stomach or Anal fin diagonally up to the top towards the tail or past the dorsal Fin near the tail and use the head/body part also.


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