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Longy Goes Off 12.01.08


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Longy goes off.

Boated easily 20 kings mostly between 60 and 64. A few smaller ones and 1 keeper at 66.

In the end I had to fish just one rod.

Conditions were a bit hows your father but when you hear that sweet sound of line being ripped out of your reel it is hard to head in.

Early on I was getting kings at a ratio of 5:1 on lures over whole squid that did reverse when I switched to whole garfish.

Caught kings on all 3 rods 20lb braid on the Nitro, 20lb braid on the TLD15 and 30lb mono on the TLD 25.

Had a fantastic time.

Good to see such a good roll up of yaks.

I think the yaks out did the boats today.

I have braid cuts on my fingers, lost a few jig heads plastics a lure and a rule (I forgive you SBD)

But did I have a good time? HELL YEAH!

I will go to sleep tonight with a smile on my dial and the sound of peeling line and screaming drag in my ears.

Yep I am stoked.



PS It was good to meet you they other day Tony at your shop.

The Williamson bib worked with the whole gar fish but i think the assist hook need to be longer.

I failed to hook up with the squid.

I would have loved to have that 643 out there (one day)


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Longy went off yesterday as well!

Wanted to head out on Saturday, but like Wigg said, conditions looked pretty ordinary so went shopping for a new car instead.

Wind dropped off overnight, but 4am roll-call saw it picking up again. Made the decision to risk Longy instead of heading the harbour from lil'manly.

Usual bottom bounce run - zilch (okay, couple of undersize snapper and flathead - interestingly no SGTB). Decided to head in close. Saw a coupld of boys bending over the sides of the bottom with rods firmly in the 120 degree angle. Decided to drift a bit. Mate rigged some sqid while I dropped over a SP. 20 seconds later and we are into it.

6 bust-offs, 5-6 rats (59-64) landed and then they went off the bite. All-in-all great little session.

Good to see the kingys back.

Going back next weekend looking for some legalspecimens.

Tight lines!

Sorry forgot to include the time. It must of been around 9am when the kingys came on.

Fair few boats anchored up, but then everyone must of decided to downrig as the place turned into an airport with everyone circling the peak looking for a landing spot.

How did the downrigging go?

Still deciding if it is worth the money or not.


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