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Bb Or Syd Harb?

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Hi guys,

We're heading out tomorrow after beakies. Got a little multiple choice question for you, should we head...

a) south from BB

b north from BB

c) south from the harbour

d) north from the harbour.

Still pretty new to the sydney scene so your ideas are much appreciated. Also, where is the Kink? Can't find any co-ords for it anywhere.



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Yockman try checking these out off Bermagui

Kink - Tuna cubing area. 36.18.000 150.20.000

Tuna, Shark, Marlin, Dolphinfish. 36-18.000 150-19.000

Albacore, gamefish. 36 18 05 150 19 00

36 17.2' 150 20.1'

36 19.2' 150 19.5'

South Kink - 36-18.048 150-19.012

Kink Nth End - Yellowfin Tuna, Pelagics. 36.18.120 150.19.450

36-17.120 150-19.450


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