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Emergency Rod Repair


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Here's a handy one. Ever had the ring pop out of a guide? Not the charter skipper who had a rectal prolapse, I mean a busted fishing rod :thumbdown: , rather than ruin your day - or God forbid you're camping miles from civilization - it's quite easily fixed MacGuyver style.


TIME REQUIRED: about 10 mins per guide

COST: Nil, but result is priceless

MATERIALS: Pliers, knife, SS wire/paper clip, tape, waxed thread or similar

All my rods are tip top, so I'm using coathanger wire as a "blank"

1/ Remove the offending guide. cut the overbind very carefully and remove, keep the underbind.


2/ Form the wire into snake guides, a la fluffchucker rod.post-6106-1200303923_thumb.jpg

3/Secure with tape, less is better. Must be tight.post-6106-1200303987_thumb.jpg

4/Bind securely with thread, check wire guide orientation frequently, it will try to twist.post-6106-1200304138_thumb.jpg

5/Drop your linen and start your grinnin' :biggrin2: Apologies for the crappy phone-camera pics.

This ghetto-style fix should get you out of trouble until a proper repair can be effected. Don't try it on yr AFTCO rollered 24kg gear :thumbdown:


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