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Dash Mounting A Radio In A Fiberglass Dash


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Though Id put up a post Re Installing a Radio in Dashboard

I always crap myself at the thought of the Dash cracking whilst doing this type of work

So hope this helps future installers


I started with the setting of the template and the measure to fit Using masking tape as a bass prevent the drill slipping and fiberglass cracking


Next job was to drill out the rounded corners using a smaller bit at first and working up to the correct size




After the drilling was done out came the jigsaw make sure it's sharp and not to course I found that having a variable speed type helped also.

Also support the cutout to prevent it braking off


The fun bit now use stainless screws and wire to fuse box and pre drill to mount to dash


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I really don't know mate sorry.

I have not replaced them yet, I just keep fixing them.

I will probably have to replace the CD player in the next couple of weeks though before I go on holidays.

Heres a tip, don't buy a CD with a removeable face to put in a boat. The silly little clips that hold it in can't cope with bouncing around :)


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