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Suzuki Dt85 1981 Bottom Leg


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I have a Suzuki DT85 motor and along the bottom leg i have a crack which has been welded before It is now starting to re-crack along the weld. I supose what i am asking is ...is it safe to change the bearing and re-weld the crack or would it be better to buy a second hand bottom leg ...If so can anyone tell me where i can find one as i dont have the money to buy a new motor .....


It sounds like i have a leaking exhaust is this possible and where od i locate the gasket....

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Hi rmz, I am guessing you have a crack along the side of the gearcase around where the bearing carrier is. Quiet commone with older engines becasue the salt builds up and expands and leads to this. If you can get the bearing carrier out and take it to a good welder we have had mixed reults with this-the main problem is that when welding you need to make sure that the weld does not stop the carrier being re-installed.

If the carrier does not come out (you would need OXY and the proper removing tool), due to being frozen in there, the next thing to do is see if you can find a second hand gearcase, might be a bit hard, but there are a few outboard wreakers that may one and should not cost much more than $500 odd, but you want to make sure it does not have the same problems as your gearcase.

If you are local PM me and I can give you the numbers of wreakers or you could swing by and I can see how bad the crack is and if I think the carrier could come out.



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