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Hi Yes Dear

I've never been to Binacrombi before but i have camped in the Abercrombie NP about a year ago. The river through the park is not in good shape(green and stagnant). Did try for trout, but i think i was wasting my time. I've also checked the river out were the Oberon-Goulburn road crosses it. Water was dirty and full of carp. Don't no if all the rain we've been getting has made any difference, the river looks pretty good on there web site.

Binacrombi itself looks alright, fairly popular with bike riders. It could be noisy over weekends. Looks like the camping would be good, might want to ring the caretakers to see if any ones been catching trout down there lately.



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mate, after that trout you caught the other week, why are you looking elsewhere? :1fishing1: I've been fossicking around obes for years, we've never seen one like that in the rivers.

Pure fluke that one

always looking for new camping and fishing locations

just ordered the "fishing the snowy mountains" book, I heards it pretty good with the info.


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