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Kingfish Social


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Please be advised that "Day Release" crewed by the cool, calm, collected Stumpy, and Stumpy Junior Cameron,

have picked up a deckie from the good boat "Upyago", being Flightmanagers Son, AKA No#1 Son, AKA Brett, AKA Paris!

So, therefore, I wish to announce that for the Kingfish Social, the newly formed team shall be called "Upyagodayrelease". Basic knowledge that Paris loves to flick plastics everywhere, shall also be taken into account when naming the team. This is basically due to the fact that should Paris hit Stumpy in the head with a SP during the event, the boat shall be renamed............"offyagoparisfromdayrelease" This shall be achieved by major swearing and a quick burst of the Twin Mercs to ensure that Paris is off the boat during one of his many casts from the bow. :1yikes:

Soooooooo, should anyone see the good ship "Day Release" bunny-hopping around the harbour. This will be due to the fact that Paris got stuck between the twins during an attempted removal, and the problem should be sorted out reasonably quickly. :ranting2:

I thank you for your time in reading this most important message. :biggrin2:

1 More Day To Go !!!


Capt'n Stumpy :yahoo:

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Good luck to all the attendees and the weather looks great with w to nw winds around 10 to 12knots .

Sunny and 17 to 25 degrees ,doesnt get much better than that :yahoo:

Cheers Stewy

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