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Botnay Wide 8/3/08


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An early start had us gathering livies off Molinex point, I decided to head south so we pushed down to Jibbon and did a troll along the coastline for Kings to Marley with no results.

We then started to head out to the south east and put the lures in heading for the shelf water was 22c. At around the 100mtr mark we had numerous Dolphin fish hit our lures these fish were between 60-70cm and were attacking Marlin lures of which 3 were released.

As we got to the 200mtr mark water temp dropped to 21.4c and stayed that way all the way to the shelf, we turned and headed north towards the Southern Canyons and then North east to come in from the east on Browns we had no hits and saw no activity other than Mutton birds.

All up we covered 205km were on the water at 4am and off the water at 7.30pm. I didnt see many boats out yesterday either, the conditions were great so maybe everyone alse knew something, fishing can be frustrating :mad3: sometimes but lucky there's always next time.

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