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what lures and fly have you blokes got trout on down there ?

Where to start? Just a quick question first, are you going to be shore based or doing some boat based trolling?

Most standard Bream lures will work for Trout at one time or another and I bet all the keen Trouters here will have their own faves. Here is a short list of ones I use a lot for shore based spinning:

Rapala Vibrax Minnow Spin - My 'go to' searching lure, good for running over weed beds and in skinnier water like at the backs of bays.

Berkley frenzy Firestick - Shallow running minnow that has proven to be a great taker.

Owner Cultiva Mirashad - Minnow I put on when I was something to run at about 5-6'

Stiffy Minnow - Trout seem to love this

Spanyid Maniac Freshwater Spoons - Dont ever fish a Snowy Lake without a Spoon! Great for deepwater.

Rebel Crawdad - For targetting Trout over the abundant Yabby Beds at Eucy.

Squidgie Fish - My most used Soft Plastic for Trout.

Berkley 3" Bass Minnow - Great around timber.

There are so many more that to list them would take up about 100000 posts. But the above would be what I would use most.

Flys are even harder as there are soooo many to choose from and will depend entirely on whats hatching at any given time. For instance, right now is Mudeye time so any Mudeye and Cordulid Patterns will work, as will Muddler Minnows etc. If the water level is rising (not at the moment) then Woolly Worms and other terrestrial patterns will work as they immitate stuff drowning. I can't go past using Woolly Buggers and Fur Flys for most of my work and I haven't done much Dry Fly work.

Hope you get amongst a few :thumbup:



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