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Hi Fellow Fishraiders. Finally I have bought home an Easter Feed for the Missus and Kids. Took the day off and slow out of the sack but hit the water at brooklyn at 8.30am. Motored down to my usual spot (Which returns zero usually) only to find a trawler motoring around. Not to be outdone I anchored up, unfroze the prawns and the firs cast yielded a little flatty followed quickly by a little bream. As the morning wore on so did the fish and they gradually got bigger with midday seeing me home with 8 flathead 40cm to 59cm (Checked by the fishos as well) and a monster blue swimmer crab (dropped another 3) During the morning a couple of 42cm Jewies which went back to fight another day along with being bitten off at least 20 times because I was too lazy to get the tract out of the box. A sensational day on the water. Yoo Hoo

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