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Team Jake Two Hooks Their First Marlin


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hi guys

went out of jb for the jbgfc jounior comp.on saturday we couldnt get out of the bay due to sloppy conditions so we stayed inside to try and burley up a shark. we didnt do to well but a couple of others were sucssesful.sunday the conditions were a lot better so of we went to the kink in a 5.2m aluminium runabout.we were there for about 15 minutes and while i was trying to setup the harness to suit me the 15 kg (the rod i had in the harness) went off only to spit the hooks a moment later.after agreeing it was a tuna we continued trolling around and an hour later dad turn around to have a quick glance at the lures all i remeamber was hearing f##k, turning around and seeing a black of around 80kg race up and investigate the lures it had a bit of a look at the 24kg but it eyes were set on the 15 with a 6inch black with pearl stipes lure on 100lb trace that we had out in the hope of hooking a rat fin. it chased the lure for about a minute then hit it. we where on our first beakie for all of about 10 seconds before it spat the hook.when we brought up the lure we realized the amount of effort we would of had to put in to land that fish. with only dad and i onboard with 5 lures out (without outriggers)and the state of the trace after only 10seconds we deciced it was pobably better to get the poor beat up old lure back then to have lost the fish and lure mid fight. by the end of the day we landed 1 and lost anoher 2 tuna. we managed to win 2 lures and some beer through lucky angler and raffles. all in all it was a great weekend that has since seen me and dad hooked on game fishing for life.


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Sure does get u pumped eh Matt, great to see you out there trying , too bad the fish werent as hungry as they have been, Keep on Dads back now for the new Razorline to get you out there more often, I think Ray was keen on seeing the damage left on trace from the Beakie hit, i hope you kept it as a souvenier. Cheers Dave

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Your in trouble now Matt Ray got his first fish last week , and im sure youll hear about it, Remind me to show you the video, Rays Sea legs in the rough water, like a statue, they build em strong were he comes from. :074: .

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