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Sydney Harbour Kings


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post-4239-1207481143_thumb.jpgG,day raiders

quick report

Headed out from Tunks with my mate shane this morning in hope of some more kings.

Headed straight to the usual bait grounds for squid (hard work very quiet) only managed 3 small arrows.

so off to get some yakkas , gathered a few quiet quickly so off we went in search of kings.

droped a yakka down 12 foot on the scotty , and a live squid on the other 25 foot deep , idled around the usual spots for not much but peckers :thumbdown: .

armed with 1 squid left and a tank full of yt we then headed over to my new spot x

again within 5 minutes to my suprize off goes the yellowtail zzzzzzzzzz quick (tuff) fight and our 1st king of the day was boated.

Back down fast with the squid on 1 , and yakka on the other , we score almost an instant double hook up

another good little fight (not to mention tangle) and another 2 were landed.

By the time we managed to untangle (cut) and re rig new lines up we only managed 1 more king and a bust off.

Then all went quiet , (funny that) some days you pull up on top of a school for mulltiple hook ups.

Where as other days you use half a tank of petrol trying to locate the kings.

Got a lot to do with good old luck i think.

All in all had another top day on the harbour (watched a little red bull flutag) and nearly ran over some nut :wacko: swimming in the harbour (anyone see that guy maritime and cops were all over him ) lol.

p.s biggest fish was around the 75cm mark we kept 2 and released 2.

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Flutag was a cracker- 6m fall never looked so funny. The record overseas is 60m I think and I didn't see anything make 60feet- more like 6 feet. Missed seeing the swimmer but nearly got nailed by a weekender in his megayacht trying 4 times to reverse after dropping anchor. We moved a safe distance away if there is such a thing with that moron at the helm. They were swimming off their "swim deck " so there is always hope in justice that it was them but it was probably a Irish backpacker looking for the bridge at Darling harbour.

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Hey great work there mate

I think i bumped into you on friday morning

cheers mate


Yeah g,day Jason

that was me mate.

Ended up with 1 mid harbour king that day.

How good are the weekdays.

I should be out same day - same time this week weather permitting

Ill see you iff your out there.



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