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'1.5' Reports


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Hi Raiders,

got 1.5 reports to post.

First, hit my secret georges luderick spot again a few days ago and worked hard for a total of 4, one undersize. Fished the top of the tide and a couple of hours after with clear conditions, sunny skies and no wind. Does anyone have opinions of the best tides to fish for them? I guess it depends on the location. I think this spot fishes better on the low.

Also, does anyone have techniques of keeping cabbage fresh and how long have they found it lasts for? I keep mine in a sealed bucket in the bottom of the fridge in seawater but no sand - I also got fresh cabbage on the day and this seemed to outfish the week old stuff even though it stilled seemed relatively fresh.


Second session was with a mate on his boat. Hit middle harbour for a night/dawn session - hoping for a jew with expensive Hawksbury squid from the markets (not ideal but no choice, we also had market bought slimies, +green prawns) - right on high tide had one reasonably solid repeated nibble on a whole squid then slower head shakes but when I struck - the 40lb leader was bit through. Do jews have teeth sharp enough to do this (I've never caught a legal sized one) or was it more likely a shark or pike eel? Admittedly, i was probably undergunned with my leader. his dad got 3x 40cm bream on fresh green prawns before we moved on.

We then hit a harbour reef - and I caught this beautifully coloured fish I've never seen before - it went about 40cm and fought harder than a similar sized trevally - but threw it back.

Does anyone know what it is? Are they edible?


We ended the session with a total of about 10 legal trevally (similar number of throwbacks), 1 legal snapper + the bream.

Also, a highlight was seeing sub 50cm king follow up a hooked mini red which I then threw a slimy cube at on the surface and hooked up on ultralight gear - a top fight and release.

Finally, any opinions on which market bought prawns make the best bait?

PS - just re-read my report today - one of the bream was ~40cm a genuine lunker, the others were around 30cm. Apologies. Would hate to be known as an embelisher of the truth! Was posting around midnight last night - fatigue was a likely factor.

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That thing looks like a leather jacket x Catfish x goatfish.

Nice blackies and trevs. I reckon that if you put the cabbage weed in a hessian sack (sorry for spelling, the one you do sack races in, i think some potatoes come in them) and wash it in the salt water then put in fridge and rinse in the saltwater each time you take it out to use it, then it lasts for a few weeks and stays pretty fresh.

The smaller jewies that i've caught all pecked at baits and then a sort of grab, so that probably would've been what was around your bait, i've found sharks tend to grab stuff in one go and head for the hills.

We've used the green prawns from De Costi's and found they have worked really well.



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is buying squid from the markets fresh enough to tempt the jews?

ive always considered giving it a try :wacko:

hi,..usually not.check that the body is still "transparent" and that the pigment cells are still brown. once the pigment cells turn a pinkish colour or if the flesh has turned opaque [white] they're no longer prime bait. better to use a freshly caught fish bait. however, some tackle stores will stock freshly caught squid in good condition but be prepared to pay top $$$$.

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