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Flathead Soft Plastic

Guest madsmc

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While reading a recent issue of Fishing World magazine I came across a letter from a reader who had a rather unique experience. While throwing a few lures about the guy hooked up a 40 odd centimetre lizard. About halfway through retrieving the fish it was hammered by another, quite larger, lizard. Apparently it took around 20 minutes to land both fish, with the smaller one head first in the larger lizards mouth with about 15 centimetres of tail protruding from the mouth. The picture in the mag was quite interesting, I would estimate the larger lizard to be around the 90-100 centimetre mark.

I was thinking about this last night while going to sleep, always a bad thing to think about fishing at that time cause I never get to sleep for ages and end up being tired the next day at the office. I got to thinking about a soft plastic lure in the shape of a small lizard. It would seem that they don't mind eating their own kind, so I was wondering how a lure of that shape would go.

My questions to you all are:

1) Has anyone seen a lure of any type with this sort of shape? If you could supply the make and model that would be great.

2) Does anyone agree/disagree that this would work?

3) If no lures exists and you are a rep for a lure company interested in making a lure of this type I would be more than happy to be a product tester in return for a few freebies :thumbup:

Just a few thoughts. If anyone knows of a similar lure type that works well that would also be helpful info.

I'm planning on hitting Lake Macquarie on Friday night and Sunday afternoon, so I'll keep you all informed of my luck, good or bad.

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Yes there is a softy out there that resembles a small Flatty (not intentionally). Its called a Sculpin and is an imitation of a smallish US baitfish that looks a hell of a lot like a baby Flatty. I first saw them on Basspro but I believe that one of the national mags did a product review on them (Aus Fishing World or Modern Fishing?).



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Yes Windy I see what you mean. I found a pic of the Sculpin you are talking about here:

Weaver Lure

You're right looks very much like a small flatty (lizard). Sorry if I caused any confusion with the lizard lure thing, I meant a lure that resembles a small flathead, thanks for pointing that out pedro.

I'll have a squiz around and see if I can pick one up from an Oz dealer/tackle store. Might be worth a try, it'll make an interesting addition to my (so far) fairly limited range of plastics.

Thanks for the tip.

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