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New Stickers For The Stacer

David C

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Might have to get something like that for my boat I reckon, although I think I will go for the pelagic variety. :banana:


I was thinking the same Bash! What species you have in mind? Bear in mind that Marlin and swords have been done to death as far as stickers go! :thumbdown:

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thats one smik stacer snag how does she perform


Hi David,

Thanks she's only new mate but she purrrrrrrrrrr's like a kitten :thumbup: .

Like the name of your boat. Still havent decided on one for mine yet. :biggrin2:

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Guest Big-Banana

He just quoted me $40 for the sticker and $35 for them to put it on. Is that cheap? Its 600 by 200 and a picture of a Dolphin Fish.

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hi guys got some flash new stickers put on me boat what do you think


They look great David, where did you get the original image of the bream from?



i was up on holidays in laruiton and i was looking at some caravan parks . theres one in dunbogan its the home of the big bream they cought one there in 1985 and it went 4.45kg thats one big bream they use it for promosion its on the pamphlet and i just took it to image mart and they blow it up for me its about 600mm long


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