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Best Fishing Movie Ever


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In 2006, 2007 and 2008 'Team Atlanta' make the treck to HatHead just south of South West Rocks NSW.

We video each year and make our own personal dvds.

Due to popular demand weve decided to release 2007 on Youtube.

There are 11 parts to this dvd. Below is each PART for you to look at from 1 - 9.

I will upload part 10 and 11 over the weekend. 10 and 11 are deleted scenes and slide show.

This is a movie of 4 guys (PEANUT Mitch / LATSY Brett / CHEWY Allen / MOREHEAD Nath) who dont claim to be great fisho's, but we have fun. Hope you all enjoy it.


PART - 1

PART - 2

PART - 3

PART - 4

PART - 5

PART - 6

PART - 7

PART - 8

PART - 9

PART - 10

PART - 11

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