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Some Q's About Yft


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Hey guys,

I have been reading up about the YFT and i am very pumped up to be part of the action. I have a few questions to ask and would be very greatful for some feedback if you guys could spare some time. I have a high quality overhead loaded with about 350yds of 50lb on it. The reel can comfortably put on a good 10kg of drag. Will this be adequate? My rod has no rollers but i like a challenge and wanna hit up one of these fish in a good tussle.

What sort of terminal tackle is used in terms of hook size and leader. Is 60lb to a 6/0 circle hook ok?

I am pretty game to tackle the inshore grounds and chase schools of salmon at sea in my tinnie but browns and beyond is not realistic... I have spoken to the old man and he may be up for a fish in the coming two weeks but is hesitant to go the distance in our 5.6m quinnie without another boat or at least to know someone is out there in the vicinity. So if we could tune into you guys over the radio that would be awesome. If anyone is keen for a crew mate during most weekdays i will certainly be up for it (ditch a uni class for fin anyday :1prop: ) and would be happy to chip in for fuel. Just give me a PM.

Cheers Guys, Andrew

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Hi there mate,

Your 5.6 mtr quintex is more than ample to go to browns just make sure you do all research regarding weather ,saftey equipment, and obviously ,make sure you have enouh fuel on board,I also have a Quintrex that size and was out there sunday and I hooked a marlin on right on the top of browns only to have the trace wear through .I probaly only get out there a few times a year compared to the bigger boats but when I do I usually get on to good fish.Sunday was a perfect day for boats like ourselves 5 - 8 knot Sw winds 1mtr seas and little to no swell ,the thing is I studied the wether leading up to that day and the day after, to minimise chances of it blowing up.

I carry on board epirb, vhf ,flares spare fuel ,dual deep cycle batteries,spare fuses plugs and all the neccesary tools to replace anythng if need be.I also get my outboard checked 6 montlhy although I have a brand new etec Evinrude now so I am confident with it.

If your not confident in anything about going out there my advice is dont go, there are plenty of charters that are running now for Yellowfin and you can gennerally guarantee getting onto the fish with those boys as they are out there most days.

Best Regards,and good luck!

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