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Hi All,

I NEED YOUR HELP! i live in Cairns (FNQ) and have kinda lost my touch with fishing as it has been a few years. I used to be in a fishing Club with my dad and really enjoyed it all was good until jobs came and weekend work and the finally the club closed down due to lack of interest! (i know what the...)

Anyways i now want to get back into the fishing scene again and would ask my dad but the new son in law is taking up all the time i would have been able to go fishing with him or ask for advice! I would still ask for advice but i dont want to seen like im an attention seeker or seem like i am pretending! Dad would not know that i would like to go because he is always with the inlaw but fishing is dads hobbie so i dont wanna take the time from him! i am jealous but i know it will phase out soon.....hopefully!

So main reason i want to know is what things i should be looking at when buying a rod and reel for river fishing and luring and what sort of lures are good for Bream,perch,mangrove jacks, barra ...etc! and anything else useful! thanks all 8shan8! :1fishing1:

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if your going to fish soft plastics im doing fine with a 7" shimano raider bream spin, 1000 size reel slade or sienna

120 rod 50-60dollar reel

fireline 4lb 6lb flurocarbon leader

i've dropped my expendsive rod daiwa team zero with a shimano stradic 2500

and boy it was painful so if your starting out the cheaper range is good

thats if you want to fish plastics of course

bait now thats another story which i don't know much about =)

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