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30th Jan Cowan Whiting


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G'day ,

Fished for the first time in a couple of months.Put in at Apple Tree and headed for the protected upper reaches. Caught a heap of small whiting around the 20-25cm mark on blood worms, then three decent fish 29-33cm. Had a few beers, sambos , all very civilised and didn't see another boat the whole time.

I actually managed to leave the bungs out for the first time in years, luckily I got back to the boat quickly and screwed the bung in and having the only 12 footer with a bilge pump helped a heap :)


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Whiting for tea eh Macman - yum. Does what you posted mean you've left the bungs out before :1yikes:

Cheers, Darryl


Yeah, doesn't seem to matter how many times I remind myself. The silly thing is, the bung was in when I had the boat at home , but it rained and I took it out to empty the water, doh

Anyway it didn't cause too much grief. :1prop:


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