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Hi All,

I just bought a Shimano Baitrunner BTR6500 and I normally fish from the rock and sometimes off the beach. Some shops have recommended a heavy braided line(Fireline XDS 50-60lb's) because it would be more durable than a 20-30lb braid, more stronger, as well as the width being the same of a 14lb mono and also it would have more weight in the line. Other shops have still recommended mono over the braid.

What would you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers : )

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I would go for mono if you intend to use it predominantly off the rocks; in particular something good and tough like Tortue.

On the beach I think that the advantages of braid make it the best bet. You can go smaller in diameter, thus less resistance to the wash and you are also able to get away with smaller sinkers. It makes bites so much easier to feel, often a problem on the beach with mono when fishing out wide in a busy surf.

Just use mono for the casting end as braid can do nasty things to your casting finger!

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