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"fishy Poem"


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Gday all,

Just wanted to share this poem I found in a fishing mag. It was written by Tami Tonges from QLD for her sick grandfather, a keen fisho. I reckon its fantastic.


This night Im alone in the crisp winter air

The waves are around me, the salt in my hair

I sit on the headland with hardly a sound

But the transistor radio in the backround

This night there is no-one, only myself

To sit in the darkness and take in the smells

I hold the rod firmly and wait for a sign

Of a whole other life in the sea near my line

This night nature calls me out on these rocks

To sit amongst beauty in my favourite spot

And then comes the rush from deep down inside

That only a fisherman knows of this ride

This night I am fighting an almighty fight

With a warrior fish that is cunning and bright

It shows no forgiveness as it heads out to sea

And I am left wondering will I win or he

This night while Im fighting

my muscles now burning

The warrior fish begins tiring and turning

And finally now as it reaches the shore

I sit and ponder completely in awe

This night spent with nature is easy to see

That all that's around us is full of beauty

From the salt drenched aroma of winter sea air

To the beautiful fish I have caught laying there

This night I dared to dream the dream

That many have fought but not all have seen

The warrior fish in the dark of the night

Is a completely spectacular sight

This night in the moonlight the warrior fish

Gleaming with silver has answered my wish

And as I head home I climb the last boulder

With a fifty pound jewie slung over my shoulder.

Happy fishing.........

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