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2005 Rosehill Gardens Boat Show

Golden Monk

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Went out to last years show and it was very ordinary. That show used to be a free show at Silverwater and they had a heap of boats that would suit every style of fishing. Since they have moved to R/Hill the boat range is more family orientated with very few fishing rigs. Didnt see any fishing gear there and only one stand with a couple of sounders.

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If all else fails ask Jiggin JoeCool. He knows the cheapest price for any item in Sydney and probably has stock in his garage!!!!! :risata:  :risata:  :risata:


GEEZ your a clown!! :risata::risata: What do you need from my wharehouse Iain?

Oh by the way...I still got some Sluggo's aside for you! :thumbup::thumbup: In the garage of course! :risata::risata:

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