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Jigging Rods

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, got a lot of help to choose a big threadline for jigging to which I am grateful, so can you now give me some rods to choose from and about how much they would cost me. Thanks Raiders.. Cheers... P.S, between $200.00 - $300.00

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mate there are so many out there but here is what i would look at

Fishfinder Tony makes custom rods and is about to bring out a new jig rod, and from what i have been told it is going to be one of a kind. i have some custom fishfinder rods and i can not talk highly enough of them, he is a site sponser

my next choice going down in budget would be

Shimano makes T curve Jig 400, this rod is an excellent rod for the price, nice light weight and strong


Rapala make a braid concept which once again for it's price is an excellent choice

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What budget are you looking at?

For the money I think you can't go past the Daiwa Saltist range, these are known as the Catalina in Japan and are a great rod.

I got mine for $250 and it comes with TiSic guides too!


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Hi Ray

WHat's the price range would be first question......

Skys the limit regarding jig rods.

What reel and line class did you go with?

Topend look at Carpenters, fisherman

MIddle off the shelf, Saltigas

cheaper you can't go past the T curves.


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Shimano Jigwrex S526. Just a bit more than the tcurve but a heaps better rod. Much lighter and better balanced. Pulls 300gm jigs with ease and plenty of stopping power. You will get it for well under $300. I have the tcurve t200, its a good rod for the money but you will run out of puff quicker on 250/300gms. 400 is a bit heavier rod but will do those jig weights ok. So what I am saying is the heavier jigs will feel easier to pull up but then the weight of the rod will catch up with you after a while. The jigwrex is quite a short rod as well so not as versatile for downrigging and more normal fishing. I use my t200 for all kinds of stuff so it is great from that point of view.

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I have heard and seen a number of monster mesh rods snap under not so heavily load.

I was told that it was due to the graphite composite or something..i forget.

i would definitely go the jig wrx, i think they can be had for around 250 each.

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Hi sammy0884 just wondering how much the fishfinder rods set you back and

what hight and weight they are?

Also are they a full graphite rod?

cheers, jase

Hi Jase,

Speak to Tony @ Fishfinder, as the cost varies depending on your build specification. The blank i chose was the Live Fibre TX300 100% high modulous carbon, its rated for 50lb line and up to about 10kg of drag.

The new version of my blank is able to dead lift something like 15kg, truly insane, i suggest you get down to Fishfinder an check it out, it will scare the shit out of you whilst blowing your mind.

Cheers Mate


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